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Grand Master Saghafi Super Karate – Buffalo Tae Kwon Do

Welcome to Grand Master Saghafi’s Super System, Buffalo Tae Kwon Do. From our “Tae Kwon Do Tigers” to our  “Awesome Adults”, Grand Master Saghafi’s result oriented   program is the reason that thousands of  individuals  in Buffalo, Tonawanda, Amherst and other suburbs have made their choice of getting their kicks out of life. Our members are


Super Karate Kids

The Grand Master Saghafi super karate kids Formula Our formula is simple… Self-Discipline + Self-Defense = Self-Confidence and… Self-Confidence = Success and Happiness If that seems too easy, it’s not! You see, by teaching children self-discipline and self-defense, children become empowered with the two most important tools they need to build confidence. With confidence, children


Adult Martial Arts

Why do men and women choose Master Saghafi System? Physical Conditioning Unlike many other workouts, Master Saghafi System includes all 3 aspects of physical conditioning: Muscular Developmenttones and builds muscle strength while improving your appearanceCardiovascular Conditioning strengthens your heart and lungs while increasing your daily energy level and burning caloriesFlexibilityreduces the chance of injury and keeps