Adult Martial Arts

Why do men and women choose Master Saghafi System?

Physical Conditioning
Unlike many other workouts, Master Saghafi System
includes all 3 aspects of physical conditioning:

  Muscular Developmenttones and builds muscle strength while improving your appearanceCardiovascular Conditioning strengthens your heart and lungs while increasing your daily energy level and burning caloriesFlexibility reduces the chance of injury and keeps you feeling young and agile

The Secret To Consistency!
Staying with a workout is what everyone finds so tough. But, consistency is the key to results! No matter what type of exercise or diet you choose, if you don’t stay consistent, it can’t work! It’s that simple!

  Why you will be consistent with MASTER SAGHAFI SYSTEM…
Reason One – Total body results. Just look above!
Reason Two – Fun, Fun, Fun – You’ll look forward to your class! Reason Three – Self-defense – An important Life Skill that you’ll carry with you forever!

MASTER SAGHAFI SYSTEM is a streetwise mixed martial arts system that incorporates the techniques and concepts of Tae Kwon Do, karate, Hapkido, Kung Fu, kickboxing, and submission grappling.

  Tae Kwon Do – Combination of Kicking, Jumping,…An Olympic Sport (World Tae Kwon Do Federation).     Karate – Traditional strikes, blocks and kicks combined with the traditional values of the martial arts.Kickboxing – Modern applications of strikes, blocks and kicks, enabling even better standup defense..Submission Grappling – Incorporates escapes from grabs and holds as well as ground self-defense.

A Mixed Martial Art – While most schools focus on just one or two areas of self-defense techniques, Master Saghafi Super Karate is a unique fusion of Several disciplines. This hybrid style will give you the ability to defend yourself in virtually any situation.

Statistics have shown that people who know how to defend themselves usually don’t have to because they carry themselves in a more confident manner.

Stress Relief
When most Americans want to relieve tension they book a vacation. The problem is, relieving tension just once or twice a year is not enough. You need release steam constantly…every week. That’s why MASTER SAGHAFI SYSTEM is so popular with men and women who want to relieve stress from their lives. Our workout burns off excess energy, built-up tension and promote a sense of calm. Each class becomes a… mini-vacation. You leave feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. Better able to deal with your next day’s challenges.

Getting Started
It’s easy! Try a private introductory class with one of our instructors. Afterwards, you’ll have a consultation to discuss goals, scheduling and our programs. Tuition for our programs ranges from $13 – $25 per class, depending upon the location, program and plan selected.

It’s that simple! See our Internet special below.


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