Super Karate

What is Super Karate?

 Total Confidence
Total Self Discipline
Total Program 

With Over 20 years of dedicated effort in developing Mind, Body and Spirit in unity together, the “Saghafi Super System Of Success”  was created..

The program is designed to assist individuals and families in improving Attitude, Confidence, Self-awareness and to protect you and your loved ones. It doesn’t matter the age because Saghafi’s Super System offers a wide variety of family oriented classes.


Master Saghafi
Super System Of Success 

The style practiced at Master Saghafi’s is a modern progressive system that combines proven self-defense techniques with positive attitude development. The base style is Tae Kwon Do Customized for each student and blended with other forms of martial arts (Karate, Kick Boxing,…) and other training tools to make it the most practical total program available today.

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