And Now Few Words  from Our Students:

The Adults:

I’m here for the stress relief and the fitness.

Jerome B.

The atmosphere is great; we get a lot of hands on training, lots of one-on-one, and people help each other out.

Adrien W.

I love the people and Ms. Sharon and Master Saghafi are great teachers; they really know their stuff.

Cherie L.


You learn a lot.  I’ve only been here a couple of months and I’ve already progressed quite a bit and it’s keeping me in shape.

Mark G.


I like the atmosphere and what the school stands for; I like the closeness.  It’s a great place to come to.

Lisa G.


The Kids:

It’s fun to learn here.

Kevin F.


The teachers are really good and everyone is really nice.

Christian D.


I think this school is excellent because people here work hard and put their all into it.  Plus, Master Saghafi is an excellent teacher, he works with me all the time, even before and after classes.

Jay C.


Master Saghafi teaches sportsmanship, he helps us be disciplined and treat others well.

Aaron G. Jr.


This school gives me more confidence.

Ryan W.


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